Contests Updated

The first set of weekly contests have been announced -CLICK TO SEE TOPICS-. If you wish to enter this week's contest, just send your work to (THIS EMAIL IS FOR CONTEST ENTRIES ONLY. DO NOT SEND YOUR REGULAR WORK HERE) All entries will be judged next weekend, and new topics will be posted then! If you don't wish to take part in the contests, continue sending in your regular work!

Welcome to the Manky Boot, your portkey to Acromantula fanfiction! This will be a place for the members of Acromantula to send in their fanart and fanfictions. You don't have to be the most talented artist or author, just enjoy yourselves! There will be weekly topics for you to use in your work, and winners will be chosen from these categories to have their work posted somewhere special! There will also be categories such as shippers, character sketches, and everything from book/movie 1-7! You can send in your work to, as well as any comments/suggestions. Everything will be posted as long as it is appropriate (there will be an adult section, so don't worry) and as long as YOU made it! Have fun!